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Notice of Class B Beer & Liquor License Applications for 2020


Please take the notice the following have filed for a Class B combination Beer and Liquor licenses in the Town of New Denmark for July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021:


B5 – Golf Enterprises             d/b/a Twin Oaks 4871 Cty Highway R, Denmark

Circle Tap, LLC                     5813 Highway NN, Denmark


Basil’s II, Inc.                         5595 South County P, Denmark

Loopys on the Loop, LLC      5305 Steve Cheese Road, Denmark

Monica Ullmer                        d/b/a 20th Century Bar and Bowl 6414 Cty Highway R

Duck Creek Vineyard

  & Winery, LLC                    5056 County Highway R, Denmark



Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Wallerius

Clerk – Town of New Denmark