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Notice of Road Bids – 2021


Notice of 2021 Road Improvement Projects


Bids are now being accepted for the following road projects in the Town of New Denmark, Brown County: 



Bid #1:

1.      Park Road: Resurface from County Hwy T west to last culvert.

2.      Park Road: Wedge over culver 45 feet

3.      Town Hall Road: Wedge halfway between County Hwy T and railroad tracks.

4.      West Cherney Road: 18 x 800 feet – cold mix overlay 2 inch and 4 inch by last driveway.


Bid #2: Road Relocation of Petersen Lane:    Construct a gravel roadbed, approximately 500 foot off of Peterson Lane pursuant to the certified survey map of February 3, 1997.  Specifications: Roadbed to be constructed consistent with existing road width, elevation/heights pursuant to Town code.  Bid shall include breaker run, gravel surface with erosion control.  Certified survey map can be requested from the Town Chairman, Bill Krueger.


Bid #3: Denmark Road: 42” x 66 ft Culvert Replacement located by Fire #4934

Culvert to be purchased by the Town of New Denmark.  Bids should include replacement of road surface with cold patch.  Compact every one foot.  Permits to be obtained by excavator.  Re-installation of existing guardrail, rip rap on both sides of right of way, with re-seeding, straw, erosion control.     

 For more specifications, please contact Chairman Bill Krueger at 920-863-6965



Bids can be mailed to:

Michelle Wallerius, Clerk

5993 W. Cherney Road

Denmark, WI 54208 or 

delivered to the Town Board prior to the commencement

of the meeting on June 14, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.