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Bid Notice – 2022 Road Improvement Projects for New Denmark


Notice of 2022 Road Improvement Projects


Bids are now being accepted for the following road projects in the Town of New Denmark, Brown County:  


Bid #1:

1. Cooperstown Road: Resurface from Cedar Creek Drive to Wanek Road (1.25 miles)

2. R. Kane Lane and cul-de-sac: 3 inch blacktop (.76 miles)

3. Christensen Lane & turnaround: 3 inch blacktop 

4. Damsel Court: resurface cul-de-sac 


Bid #2:. 

1. Wedge Town Hall Road (500 feet east of Hwy T)

2. Wedge Kvitek Road Bridge 

3. Wedge Denmark Road near Fire #4934 (100 feet)


For more specifications, please contact Chairman Bill Krueger at 920-863-6965 or Supervisor Mike Calewarts at 920-863-3956.


Bids can be mailed to:

Michelle Wallerius, Clerk

5993 W. Cherney Road

Denmark, WI 54208 or  

delivered to the Town Board prior to the commencement of the meeting on June 13, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.